Delivery terms and conditions

With the shipping options "DUDECARS - carpool" und "DUDECARS - loading service" the vehicles will be delivered up from the importing date, after the check of the road traffic licensing department and the receiving of the complete payment from the customer. In any case DUDECARS will propose a disposal appointment, which will be the ideal day from DUDECARS' point of view. This disposal appointment provided by DUDECARS isn't mandatory and can be changed after contacting DUDECARS. If you've chosen the shipping option "Pickup on the ground" you will be free of any delivering charges added to the order value of your order.

We gladly refer to our chapter "Business conditions of DUDECARS" into our terms and conditions of use. Quote: "In the shipping methods "Pickup on the ground" and "DUDECARS – loading service" DUDECARS ensures that the vehicle is refueled at the date of transfer. The flat rates are charged for all costs. "DUDECARS - carpool" and "DUDECARS – loading service" correspond to a travel distance of 100 kilometers from the headquarters of DUDECARS. Each additional mileage will be charged to the customer as specified by DUDECARS conditions. Special arrangements may be arranged in writing in advance. DUDECARS procures and delivers the vehicle and ships all items, products and goods within the agreed time." Unquote.

The shipping costs include loading charges and the calculation of the kilometres to be driven, which are declared as costs of carriage. The loading charges as well as the costs of carriage are depending on the gross weight of the delivery and the delivery distance to the customer. Depending on the chosen shipping option, your vehicle will be driven to the disposal place with special diligence and/or will be delivered with highest security standards on our trailer.

Concerning the shipping options carried by DUDECARS ("DUDECARS - carpool" and "DUDECARS - loading service") a tankful from the DUDECARS headquarters is included into the order value (price) respectively into the all-inclusive price up to 100 kilometres. For every vehicle order we additionally make a gift to you by paying the Autobahn road tax disc, that you are fully able to drive on all Swiss streets too, as soon as you've received the key to your car.

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