General Terms & Conditions (T&C’s)



The terms apply to all agreements and contracts between DUDECARS and the customer, partner or 3rd party regarding the services offered by DUDECARS services, products and goods.



DUDECARS is a platform on which to meet international car dealers and prices, stocks, and vehicle data can be shared in real-time with each other including a 3rd party. The partners can interact with each other and present themselves and their vehicles, articles, products and goods accordingly bring national and international experience in distribution. DUDECARS can offer vehicles, articles, products and goods nationally and internationally. The terms and conditions are always part of the contracts with all business partners.


Business conditions of DUDECARS

DUDECARS obligates itself to deliver the customers' requested vehicle at the agreed price on the agreed place. The customer is after the contract (after completed order) committed to an upfront advance payment of at least 20% of the order value at DUDECARS. A final payment is due prior to the delivery date. When a bank transfer is used to pay the full value of the order before the delivery date and or delivery is due. When using a cash transaction a possible balance prior to delivery of the vehicle or prior to shipment, product, or the estate is due in full. Placing an order for articles, products and goods for delivery of orders in advance is always due as above. After receipt of payment, the shipment will be expedited and immediately shipped. With a pickup of the items onsite, the customer, as the vehicle, the articles, the products or good at the headquarters of DUDECARS arrives; the customer is obliged to pick his/her order up within one calendar week. When the shipment of the article, "DUDECARS - carpool" is obligated to have the vehicle fueled and the Swiss motorway permit attached to the vehicle at the headquarters of DUDECARS prior to the transfer date of the handover. In the shipping methods "Pickup on the ground" and "DUDECARS – loading service" DUDECARS ensures that the vehicle is refueled at the date of transfer. The flat rates are charged for all costs "DUDECARS - carpool" and "DUDECARS – loading service" correspond to a travel distance of 100 kilometers from the headquarters of DUDECARS. Each additional mileage will be charged to the customer as specified by DUDECARS conditions. Special arrangements may be arranged in writing in advance. DUDECARS procures and delivers the vehicle and ships all items, products and goods within the agreed time.

Export sales: DUDECARS vehicles can be exported abroad. DUDECARS is allowed to import cars as well as export. DUDECARS is represented by its platform as well as advertising as well as retail space available. Use for service purposes is permitted.


Usage of this platform

All data and information on all platforms and DUDECARS of DUDECARS are the sole property of DUDECARS and may not be used in any way or to be passed and manipulated.



DUDECARS accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the information disclosed. DUDECARS aims to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of all data provided. DUDECARS accepts no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of information supplied by cooperating customers and partners, DUDECARS vehicle and operating data with respect to timeliness, accuracy or completeness of the data and for any write and transmission errors. DUDECARS cannot be held responsible for the contents of the database. A liability of DUDECARS related to the inaccuracy of the information is specifically excluded. The same disclaimer applies to all controllable via hyperlinks to websites referenced in what DUDECARS.

In case of breach of contract, unlawful or immoral use of the services by the customer or in the case of poor quality of the partner or customer sent to DUDECARS data, DUDECARS may without compensation immediately withdraw from the contract and discontinue the provision of services without prior notice to the customer and without liability for damages.



DUDECARS is liable to the customers and partners for any damage that this suffers from the use of the database and controllable via hyperlink sites. DUDECARS above takes no responsibility or liability for the availability of the service by the failures, server or the internet or content. DUDECARS is not liable for damages resulting from the misuse of the data transmitted and for damages incurred because of database contents truncated distorted, appear inauthentic or used.

DUDECARS may be granted access authorization by the client user ID and password to those applications of DUDECARS in which form the subject of the relative agreement between DUDECARS and the customer or partner.

DUDECARS does not accept any liability for a customer or partner who uses the user ID and password, regardless of whether that person actually has access permission.


Rights and obligations

Customers and partners commit to use the applications of third parties and DUDECARS act and according to the contract. The customer or partner agrees in particular to accept the terms and conditions, the information sent to DUDECARS or third parties are complete and correct, and are held by him/her of the date. The customer has a duty to collect the vehicle ordered within a week.



The customer or partner is responsible for all risks that can occur as a result of tampering with his/her computer system, as a result of malfunction of its computer system and / or due to improper use of access permissions.



The customer or partner is fully responsible for the content of the information presented at the DUDECARS data. DUDECARS disclaims any liability for the content of the customer or partner. In particular, DUDECARS does not warrant or guarantee the offered vehicles, products, items, goods and services, and the incurred costs. DUDECARS is liable only for intent or gross negligence. The customer or partner needs to make in any case everything to his claim in the legal sense of the act within the prescribed time limits for making claims. In no event or time DUDECARS is liable for consequential damages and lost profits. Can DUDECARS despite the diligence due to force majeure not fulfill, such as natural disasters, acts of war, strikes, unforeseen regulatory restrictions, technical failures that are attributable to the responsibility of third parties to fulfill their contractual obligations exist, for the duration of the event not entitle the customer to contract. DUDECARS is not liable for the misuse of the internet and associated damage to the customer by third parties, for security lapses and failures of third party telecommunications and the internet, and for service interruptions and failures of the applications and online platforms of DUDECARS and from third parties.


Governing law and jurisdiction

Each contract is signed without exception Swiss law, excluding conflict of international laws. Place of expedition and jurisdiction is the headquarters of DUDECARS in Kloten, Zurich, Switzerland. DUDECARS is also entitled to sue the customer at his/her residence.


Terms & conditions as of January 2013 © DUDECARS

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