Car enthusiasts found eachother and DUDECARS was born. To offer fair prices - which means to offer the best possible car offer - is the number one goal of the dudes. Every car driver, every new driver and every person without any car experience should be able to buy a car without worring about to pull a fast one on something. This is a basic principle provided by the dudes.

With the obligate experience and know-how of the import and export business and excellent international dealings we can offer, sell, and deliver the whole available product line of cars. Brand new cars, used cars, hybrid vehicles or exclusive sports cars; whatever your soul requests, the dudes could vitalise your "dream". Be ready! Adventure the one and only first step. DUDECARS will assist you in all further steps to fulfil your needs.

Plain English: Into our online shop you can find diverse vehicles which are immediately available. Of course we are also able to find your adequate autocar, even you might not find it on our website. For every enquiry and/or order we will always do our very best possible to find your desired car. Nevertheless it can be a fact, that a vehicle isn't deliverable or no more available. However, alternatives are always available and will gladly be offered by DUDECARS.

Advertising text: We import. You benefit! Unrivalled prices for new cars, top used cars with unique optional equipment and tuning parts at the top level. Or do you prefer an exclusive vehicle which offers unequalled opportunities? We guarantee you rock-bottom prices including services. All warranty claims on new cars are regulated into the manufacturer guarantee and are the same that an official Swiss garage can offer. We complete all work and can offer you our door delivery. Make yourself comfortable. Your new "treasure of gold" won't make troubles. Of course every service concerning your car, until the delivery process is completed, is included into our unrivalled pricing. Can you trust us? Then go for it! Get your dude and save time. DUDECARS helps!

Call us: 0041 79 50 474 60

DUDECARS, Tuschgenweg 78, CH-8041 Zurich

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