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Khana Kart®

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Themed as "we want the whole world to have fun" we proudly present the Khana Kart®.

For the very first time it is now possible to drift with an especially developped kart for driving sideways. The flexible manufactured frame is perfectly specified to the requirements of drifting and makes the fun of driving sideways affordable to young and old people. The costs for this kart fun really are marginally little, because the Khana Kart® has almost no expendable parts.

The Khana Karts® are specificly drafted to rebuild them for kids without issues. All required wholes on the frame are already made. The pedals can be moved back and the seat can be installed more in front. If you are requiring these specifications already at the time of delivery we kindly ask you to tell it to us.

Below you can find the product video which has been developped by the inventors and manufacturers. It should answer the most of your questions already.

We are able to offer you the following two options:

For the DUDEPRICE of CHF 2'980.00 you receive a completely built kart. Take your seat and have fun!

For the DUDEPRICE of CHF 2'730.00 you receive the complete construction kit incl. the engine to build your kart by yourself. We honestly recommend this option to practised tinkerers only!

DUDECARS can currently offer you the frame colours blue and red. For an extra charge with a short standby time we are able to offer you almost every colour.

The delivery time up from the receiving of the funds is 3-5 weeks. With a special colour the standby time will be 3-4 weeks longer.

  • Mileage: 0 km
  • Drive train: Rear-wheel drive
  • Type of vehicle: New car

Themed as "we want fun for the whole world" we present the Khana Kart®. The world's very first kart, which has especially been developped for the drifting.

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